Productivity and Profitability

by Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Lean Management
The Theory of Constraints
Six Sigma

World-class solutions

Our competencies cover the entire supply chain, from the procurement process, through the strengthening of supplier relations and to operational processes in manufacturing and service companies.

Solutions & Services

  • one day awareness program (onsite/ offsite)
  • five days program (onsite/ offsite)
  • implementation of lean six sigma
  • customised program
  • certification (green & black belt)

Comprehensive approach

  • Detroit looks at a system and identifies possible constraints in its whole structure.

  • This guarantees the effectiveness of the measures taken.

  • A minute look at the flow of added value along the entire supply chain facilitates effective process improvement. 


  • Reducing constraints.
  • Eliminating unnecessary waste and reducing of process variability.
  • Organizational development and instilling a culture of continuous improvement.

Implementation Tools

Our competencies

Our team members:

Have in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing Lean Management, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Supply Chain, Six Sigma, the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and World Class Manufacturing (WCM) into production processes, supply chains and other areas (logistics, finance, customer relations) at manufacturing and service companies.

Are Certified Master Black Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt and Green belt professionals

Lecture at many conferences and symposia on the subject of Lean, Six Sigma and ToC

Acquired, prior to their engagement at Detroit, considerable experience in implementing and living the rules of the Lean, the Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma and WCM regarding production management, engineering and supply chain departments, continuous improvement cells and entire facilities at numerous international corporations.

Our offerings

  • Comprehensive implementation of Lean Management, the Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma, including the implementation of continuous improvement structure, and the certification of client staff for the Lean and Six Sigma Black and Green Belts.
  • Comprehensive consulting in the area of manufacturing and Service Company restructuring
  • Transformation of the procurement function.
  • Organisational structure optimisation