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86% of employees and executives blame the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the leading causes for errors in the workplace.

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Teams who communicate effectively in the workplace may see as much as a 25% increase in their productivity (, 2021)

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According to research conducted by US firm Garter, poor communication is responsible for 70% of corporate errors.

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People spend 23% of their time engaged in business communication on in-person interactions.

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Approximately 93% of effective communication is nonverbal, while spoken words account for only 7%

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Ineffective company communication causes workplace anxiety for 80% of US employees (Soft Activity, 2021).

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Are you achieving the business results and your company need to succeed today? As a manager or sales representative you spend a lot of your time with people, working hard to jointly achieve set goals. To this end, you not only need to make use of your teams strengths, but you also need to communicate properly to all team members.

How well do your managers communicate with their staff? Do they say what they mean and mean what they say? Do they use the same old methods to communicate with staff and customers despite changes in circumstances? How much time do you spend dealing with problems due to poor verbal and/ or written communication?

This Detroit Communication Skills will help managers and sales representatives to develop high level communication skills to use with staff, colleagues, and customers. The effect of this on your business will be increased efficiency and productivity as well as improved relationships within the company and with customers.


  • Managers and employees who need to improve on their verbal and written skills of communication and managers who wish to vary their communication style.

  • Managers who use to handle a team of cross functional team and do succession planning and managers who are getting ready for shift in their role .

  • Organization who has a team of varied education back ground ; cross cultural team , front end and back hand team coordinated projects.

  • Team who are now scheduled for a bigger role and needs to develop the interpersonal communication and leadership skill.

  • Executives who are finding the working culture uncomfortable and thus failing to produce more.

  • Executives , who handles the internal and external stakeholders .

  • Organization who suffers delay in lead times and series of reworks .

  • Organization who suffers form delegation bouncing.

  • Organization who believes “ Invest in employee for high ROI”


Following this intensive training courses you will achieve these important competencies and you will be able to:

  • Managers who attend this training will gain insight into areas of communication where they need to improve and will be given the opportunity to practice various skills and styles of communication in a variety of work-related settings/
  • Participants will leave this training ready to demonstrate a range of verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to adapt their styles of communicating to fit the situation.


The training course consists of a continuous sequence of discussions, interaction and practical exercises. Training will be concluded by individual Action Planning to transfer the learning to the work place so as to measure the impact of training on performance and business results.


Mr. Pradipta Mishra.
(MBA, Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt, Leadership Coach Lead Auditor, NABH Implementer) Experience: 24Years. Pradipta Mishra is a trainer and consultant for ,Team motivation and consultative sales, Interpersonal communication and Leadership program. He has trained more than 46000 students across industries. He has helped more than 400 industries for quality ,productivity and sustainability.




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Managers and professionals of

  • Information Technology
  • Defence
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Supply Chain
  • Automobile
  • Health Care
  • Service Sectors
  • Engineering Industry
  • Passing out Engineers
  • Passing out MBAs
  • BPOs

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