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How to Choose your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Projects Wisely

How to Choose your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Projects Wisely

One of the most crucial factors that hold the potential to lay a notable impact on the success of the project is how well the Green Belt project was selected. There is certainly no denying the fact that choosing the right Six Sigma project is extremely important. Anyone who has ever been involved with the completion of the Lean Six Sigma project surely is aware of the fact that the right project can do wonders for your career.

There are certain factors to keep in mind while you decide to embark on the journey to selecting an organizational program of continual improvement utilizing the Lean Six Sigma tools and strategies. This is because the factors contribute significantly to gaining the necessary step alterations associated with the process performance.

Well, the key player in the process of selecting a project is data. The major difference between a normal project and a Lean Six Sigma project is that the Six Sigma project will require you to utilize advanced statistical tools. In this article, we will be discussing some key factors that you should consider before selecting a project.

Factors to Ponder Upon Before Advancing Further to a Project


Potential Advantages and Prospects Aligned With the Project

Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish and improve in the existing process. What will be the end result? How much will the organization be benefitted from this project? Prepare a list of the tangible benefits, urgent problems, and issues that are required to be addressed. This is the first and foremost factor that will help you decide which project to consider working on.

Is the Size of the Project Suitable?

Find out whether the project has the potential or if the organization considers this project a big one or a complex one. Another condition would be figuring out whether the project is too small or the scope is too narrow. If the project is already a mess for the organization, can you, being a Six Sigma practitioner, turn that mess into a problem? In addition to this, you must figure out if this issue is a recurring one.

Do You, or Are You Having Control of the Process?

It is important to find out whether you will have the potential to access the required data for the duration of the project in case the project is not internally generated? Are you capable of making improvements in the business process once the solution becomes clear to you? Are you able to keep an eye on the possible risks and assumptions associated with the project? 

This set of questions will serve well as a practical list of ideas that can stimulate discussions to assist people who are associated with the Lean and Six Sigma programs and develop practical DMAIC projects.

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