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How to Attain Lean Six Sigma Certification

How to Attain Lean Six Sigma Certification

With the rise in the competition in the market, there has arisen a need for the possession of extraordinary or uncommon skills and knowledge that has the potential to set you apart from the crowd. Six Sigma principles have a certain set of methodologies, techniques, and strategies that will be nurturing your leadership and management skills. This will ultimately contribute to the overall value of your resume and further enhance your credibility and requirement in an organizations.

The Six Sigma course comprises five belts that represent levels in Six Sigma and are depicted in different colors. The first is the Six Sigma White Belt, followed by the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and further in the line comes the Lean six Sigma Green Belt. These three belts though, have their own importance in the organizations and can pave some ways for you in the corporate world.

However, moving further, we come across the Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Master Black Belt. These are some significant levels that can equip you with the knowledge and skill of implementing all the strategies, tools, and techniques that you learned throughout your Six Sigma journey in the organization.

It will help you find errors and solve them while having the potential to lead with a solution-oriented approach for complex issues within an organization and business. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification provided by Detroit Learning is considered the elite certification for Quality Management professionals in the industry. Noting its alignment to the IASSC exam, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training with Detroit Learning will be capable of equipping you with the authority and validity of your professional skills and expertise in the field of management.

How to Attain Lean Six Sigma Certification at Detroit Learning

In order to attain the 6" Sigma Black Belt certification an individual is required to pursue the online training from the experts provided at the Detroit Learning platform. The training will equip the individual with the appropriate knowledge and skill to demonstrate in an organization. However, first, the individual is required to clear an exam the passing certificate of which will act as proof that you are qualified as a Six Sigma Black Belt professional.

The training for the Six Sigma Black Belt is best suitable for the individuals who are already at some higher positions in their respective fields such as senior managers, software professionals, team leaders, project managers, management professionals, and quality assurance engineers.

In addition to this, it should be noted that in order to sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam, the individual does not necessarily require any prerequisites. If you feel confident enough and you are equipped with an in-depth understanding and decent knowledge of the Six Sigma methodologies and strategies, then you will be having an option to sit for the exams directly before getting yourself enrolled in any other course.

However, you should lay an emphasis on the fact that you are required to pursue your Six Sigma training from a recognized institute. Detroit Learning is certainly one of the best institutes in terms of faculty and environment when it comes to the lean six sigma certification course. This is because the students will have a chance to get exposed to the leaders, experts, and veterans from varying fields as their mentors. The faculty at Detroit Learning is highly skilled and is backed with years of industry experience.

Step ahead in the means of clearing your Six Sigma concepts and lead the organization with your solution-oriented and profit-centric approach. Be a Six Sigma certified individual with Detroit Learning and unlock leading roles for your career.


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