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Competence Can Be Improved Even With Virtual Trainings

Competence Can Be Improved Even With Virtual Trainings

In times of global distress such as our current situation due to Covid-19, everything starts deteriorating. The biggest complications arise for businesses. Being forced to go remote in operations abruptly has caused many organizations to plummet. It is during these times of distress that distinguish between strong and weak organizations. Now that every individual is working from home, the managers are having a hard time in assessments of the employees and in training them for increasing their competence. It’s only the smart managers that are taking advantage of technology and are working to improve the skills of employees through virtual training. The wise entrepreneurs, business persons, and leaders know how beneficial virtual training can be.

Why do employees need virtual training?

As everyone is confined to their homes due to the worldwide lock down caused by Covid-19, all the employees are in a “work from home” state. This “work from home” situation has some adverse effects because of social distancing and no contact with other people. The most dangerous effect of social distancing is the damage to psychological or mental health. People feel lonely and this loneliness is inducing people to become stressed out at the minimum.

It is the job of managers and leaders to ensure that they stay connected with their employees to give them a sense of good work relationships and happiness that even if we’re not connected in terms of distance, we can stay connected virtually. This shows care and compassion which makes the employees feel better and subsequently feel better about work as well, which saves them from the pit of mental health issues.

It is the job of the leaders to make sure that they focus on helping the employees improve their skills and competence during these times. When the leaders will train the employees, it will develop a sense of belonging with each other and the employees will feel more connected to the organization which will help them become more motivated to work better.

How virtual training will help improve employee competence:

The benefits that virtual training will provide to the employees as well as the managers and leaders during these times are numerous. Following are the reasons that show how virtual training will help enhance employee competence to a great extent:

  1. Virtually connected means better professional relationships.

When the employees of an organization are connected and have good relationships, it leads to an increase in overall competence according to many studies. Unfortunately, not many businesses realize the importance of this factor. During normal times, leaders might get away with not focusing on improving the relationships among and with, employees but during distressful times such as our current situation, only those organizations will come out unharmed who promote healthy relationships among all workers.

When virtual training will take place then all the workers of an organization will stay connected regularly and this will help in forming stronger bonds among them. When employees have a strong relationship with the superior officers or managers, then they are willing to put in all their efforts in their work. The virtual training will help improve the skills and knowledge of the employees while at the same time improves the overall relationships. This will result in the business becoming more efficient and successful in the long run.

  1. Virtual training will make employee assessments easier.

Managers and leaders need to assess their subordinates frequently. This is very easy and smooth during normal times but what about now? When the employees are all following the social distancing rules and operating from their homes? There aren’t many options available to the managers for conducting these assessments, as one would think. But there is one effective solution for this: virtual training.

First of all, virtual training will keep the employees active and engaged with work. Secondly, through virtual training, the managers will be able to do employee assessments, effortlessly. And when the employees know that they are being assessed, they’ll work even more competently. Because of these reasons, an organization can understand that virtual training can enhance employee competence to a great degree.

  1. Save costs with virtual training.

Did you know you can save money if you opt for virtual training? We’ll tell you how. First of all, you won’t waste time by staying after office hours for the long training sessions, you won’t need to spend money on the snacks that are required during training sessions and you won’t need to pay for the expenses of the trainer who’ll fly to you from another city. Well, combine all of this and some more, and you have saved a lot of money by conducting virtual training!

Nowadays everybody is home and is free, so, the virtual training will fit into the schedule of everyone. And conducting training during these days means that you’re not going to waste any precious time but rather utilize all the free time that we have on our hands and make sure that the entire organization improves in terms of competence. Put everything together and it leads towards enhancing employee competence. Hence, another great reason to go for virtual training!

  • These were some of the most important reasons why conducting virtual training will be beneficial for enhancing employee competence in business organizations.
  • But which training program should you go for?

    It all comes down to which training program that you should opt for to increase your employee competence during the Covid-19 lockdown. It’s a difficult task to choose a good program. But that’s where we come in to help you! We have just the right training program for you that will help you achieve desired results. Here are the details about it:

    DCS Training Program:

    DCS Training is an organization that excels in the field of training & competency development, training performance measurement, marketing and sales training, management consultancy, and other professional areas of a business.

    • What makes DCS Training Program the best?

    DCS Training Program aims to encourage organizations to improve their employees and as a whole by helping them gain skills, change their attitude and behavior, and inducing positive change. DCS wants to enhance the overall performance of businesses.

    DCS has expert consultants/trainers who can guide organizations in putting a training plan in action.

    • The training modules.

    This is what our training modules offer:

    1. We will design need-based training programs for you.
    2. Post-training follow-ups.
    3. Need analysis training.
    4. Ensure that the learning gets transferred to the workplace.
    5. Certification of the participants.
    • HR Intervention and Performance Management.

    Here are the essential details:

    1. We design and implement a reward and recognition system.
    2. We offer a career development system.
    3. We design and implement assessment centers.

    Our Behavioral Series:

    The following are the program series that we offer to organizations in our behavioral series.

    1. Foundation Program Series –This program helps the leaders enhance performance and skills which leads to the organization and employees becoming more efficient.
    1. Leadership & Team Program Series –This program focuses on developing skills and empowering the leaders and teams at all levels of the organization.
    1. DC & Managerial Transformation Series –This program focuses on improving the skills of the managerial staff of an organization.
    1. Sales & Customer Care Program Series –This program helps the employees of an organization become better at developing long term customer relationships.

    Technical Series:

    Following is the program offered in the technical series.

    International Standards–This program helps the participants get briefed about international standards implementation mechanism that helps them maintain and implement sustainability.


    We have provided you with all the information on how virtual training can help enhance employee competence. We also gave you the essential information about the training programs offered by DCS. DCS has trained over 16000 people in more than 400 industries and consulting experience of over 20 years.

    So, take the right step and work on conducting virtual training during this lockdown to ensure that you don’t waste precious time and help your employees stay competent and on the right track for the success of the organization.

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